Drive With Clive Driving School Wigan

DriveWithClive - The Practical Test

The practical driving test will take about 35-45 minutes, which will include the de-brief afterwards. The test routes will consist of mainly town driving and where possible some dual carriageways. This is done so the examiner can assess your ability at various speeds and different traffic situations.

You must achieve no more than 15 driver faults or any serious or dangerous faults to pass the test.

The test will start with an eyesight test. The examiner will test your eyesight by asking you to read a vehicle number plate from a distance of 67ft or 20.5metres. If you can't read the number plate the test will be abandoned and recorded as a fail.

Following a successful eyesight check the examiner will ask you to show them the way to your vehicle then ask you a couple of vehicle operation and maintenance questions called Show me/Tell me

The first question (show) will need a physical or demonstrative answer, the second question (tell) an explanatory or verbal answer.

An incorrect answer to either question will be marked as a driver fault therefore gaining a possible 2 faults at this stage of the driving test.

After answering these 2 questions the driving part of the test will begin.

You will drive for about 35-40 minutes with a minimum of 3 stops and a maximum of 6 stops along the way. You will also have to successfully perform two reversing maneouvres and possibly an emergency stop.