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AMELIA GLENNANE, Billinge, passed her test February 2018 and commented.

Clives approach to learning to drive was exactly what I wanted and worked for me.

He was relaxed and very patient and I will really miss my Driving Lessons. I wanted an instructor I wouldn't be nervous to make a mistake around and Clive made me feel at ease and calm.

He's a Fab Driving Instructor.

TOMMASO GOBBI, Winstanley , passed March 2018 and commented.

The lessons have been great.Clive is really patient and always keen on explaining things more than once.

Chloe Hamer, Orrell.Passed June 2017.

Chloe said;

I would recommend Clive to anyone who wants to learn to drive.He is extremely patient and reliable. He also helped me feel confident when driving.

Elizabeth Dean, Orrell. Passed June 2017.

Lizzy said;

For someone who gets easily anxious, with Clive I was able to relax, learn quickly, look forward and enjoy my lessons.They will be missed! Would highly recommend.

Eric Kelly, Wigan. Passed April 2017.

Eric said;

My lessons with Clive were really good.He was very patient and helped me gain the confidence and ability to pass my test first time.

I would recommend Clive to anyone. Thank you for helping me pass my test and achieve my main goal.

Josh Howard, Billinge , passed March 2017.

Josh said;

I have recently passed my test first time,after learning with Clive. His am, professional and relaxed approach really helped me gain confidence on the roads. Each lesson was valuable and helped me improve my driving and was great value for money. I was pushed to progress but never felt uncomfortable. Would highly recommend Drivewithclive.

Passed Test.

James Stott from Pemberton passed January 2017.

James said : I enjoyed my learner experience with Clive, which helped me pass first time. It has prepared me well for driving and allowed me to drive more confidently.


Ian Armstrong, wigan.

Ian said, 'Clive made my experience of learning to drive very enjoyable due to his reliability and patience, which helped me pass my Test first time.'

Jeff Green, Goose Green.

Jeff said, 'As a mature learner,Clive made me feel relaxed and are ease in lessons and brought me on at a pace right for me.

A nicer man and better Instructor you will be pressed to find and I would recommend Drivewithclive to learners of all ages.'

Clive was a friendly and informative instructor,who prepared me very well for my Driving Test and driving for the future. I would highly recommend him.

Cameron Bridge from Winstanley passed July 2015.

I enjoyed my time learning with Drivewithclive and I feel that it has prepared me well for driving in the future.

Thomas Walker from Orrell passed December 2014.


Clive was a reliable and friendly instructor and kept my driving moral high, would definitely recommend.

Sammy Lee from Orrell passed December 2014.

Clive knew i was in a hurry to pass my test ! He was really flexible with times and offered really usefull tips on my manoeuvres.

I would whole-heartedly recommend Clive to friends and family.

Gary Hilton from Pemberton, passed first time.

Clive was patient, easy to get on with and an all round excellent Driving Instructor.

Mike Fletcher, Orrell

Ellie Dodd from Wrightington passed her test first time, April 2013.

Ellie says

Drive....WithClive reliable and calm with nervous starters!

David Aspinall Orrell passed first time, April 2013.

David said

Clive helped me pass first time after having 2 years away from driving. He regained my confidence and was very knowledgeable and reliable. Will definatly be recommending!